Nepal Govt. Reged. No: 39829/2005

Tourism License No.:805/2005

VAT / TAX Nr: 302385791

The following are the equipment checklist, gives you an idea in general way if you are travelling to Nepal for Peak climbing. The personal items are of individual interest and choice. The most important factor is that you can choose those equipments are on the time of the year, region and altitude.

In a supported trek, heavy items are carried by porters, yaks during the trek and personal belongings of the trekkers that they may need for the day like money, water bottle, rain gear, camera, sun cream and toilet paper etc. should be carried by yourself with your small day pack. So you are briefed to pack items in two different bags.

- Alpine climbing harness must have adjustable leg loops and fit over all clothing
- 2 Summer Trouser , 2 Summer Shirt , 4 Cotton Vest , 4 Cotton Underwear , 2 pairs Summer Socks and 2 Woolen Trouser
- Plastic Mountaineering boots (Koflach Degree, Lowa Civetta, or Scarpa Alpha) or Leather Double Mountaineering boots (i.e. La Sportiva Olympic Mons, Boreal GI or equivalent, must be mountaineering/crampon compatible)
- 2 locking carabineers Large, pear-shaped carabineer is best, screw gate type recommended
- 3 regular carabineers Light weight BD Hot wire are recommended
- Ice axe w/leash Light weight (ie Grivel Air tech, Black Diamond Raven, or Charlet
- Crampons must be fit to plastic boots prior to trip, new-matic type __ Adjustable trekking poles
- Belay\ rappel device (Figure 8 preferred)
- 2 Woolen Shirt , 2 + as per necessary in the mountain Woolen Socks (Long)
- 1 Woolen Necker
- 2 pairs for mountaineers Woolen Gloves 1 pairs,
- 1 Woolen Sweater, 1 Woolen Underwear Set, 1 Down Jacket, 1 Windproof Jacket
- 1 Woolen Balaclava Cap, 1 (2 for Expedition – 25° to 30°) Down Sleeping Bag
- 1 Air Mattress or Foam Pad,
- 1 (pairs) Trekking Boot
- 1 Pairs Over Boot (Kophlax Boot for Climb)
- 1 pairs Long Gaiter
- 1 Rock Sack
- 1 Sandal
- 1 Kit Bag
- 1 Snow Gaggles
- 1 Pocket Knife
- 1 Torch Light (Head Light)
- 1 Rain Coat
- 1 not needed Umbrella
- 1 Water Tumbler
- 1 not needed Tiffin Carrier
- 1 Medicines with Box
- As per your plan to climb mountain High altitudes Tents
- Crampon’s (Crampon)
- Ice-Axe
- (1 set) Jummer
- Over Glove
- Helmet
- Rope
- Communication equipment, satellite phone, walkie-talkie and filming
- Personal Medicine with box as upon the group size.
- High altitude food above base camp (dry food, cookies, soup etc.)
- Small Gas and stove as upon the group size.
- Plastic drums (Pot) for pack your valuable things. Not needed.
- Solar power plate for charging battery of Radio and walkie-talkies