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TIMS permits

nepal tims permit information

Namaste and warm Greeting from Nepal. May be you already know that independent / individual trekking is totally to disallow after (TIMS) Trekkers Infromation Management System is required to Trek in Nepal Himalayas TIMS only you get through Nepal government register trekking agencies. Our company / agency provides Trekkers Infromation Management System (TIMS) permit only who agree to take our service on their Trip. Thanking you for your good understand about it.
Nepal has been called 'a Trekker's Paradise'. Its high standing mountains, scenic hills and the luxuriant Terai offers some of the most spectacular trekking routes in the world. Passing through the diverse culture and nature, trekking in Nepal is a life-time experience which involves a certain degree of physical risks owing to the rugged topography.
With the distinction of Nepal as a trekking destination and its growing charm, a provision of Trekkers' Information Management System ( TIMS permit has been implemented to control illegal trekking operations and ensure safety and security of the trekkers in general trekking areas through the mechanism of Prompt Information Service as and when required .
The past experiences have shown that difficulties have been faced while carrying out rescue operations promptly during the times of accidents and natural calamities. Because of lack of proper record system of trekkers, their exact whereabouts and the information about trekking routes, rescue and search missions used to face difficulties in spotting the trekkers missing. The provision of Trekkers' Information Management System (TIMS) has come into force and updated from April 1st 2010. Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) have started recording trekkers detail and issuing TIMS Card to trekkers.

Where and how to obtain TIMS Card?

The visiting tourists, who are interested to general trekking areas of Nepal, are required to receive TIMS Card through any one of the following : -

- Call us or book the trip with us, we offer you the TIMS Permits within cheaper price.
- Kathmandu (NTB Office, TAAN Office, and Government registered trekking Companies),
- Pokhara (NTB Office, TAAN Office, and Government registered trekking Companies)
- Opening Hour/s: TIMS counter at Government registered trekking Companies will remain open 12 hours a day all the seven days a week round the year,
- TIMS counter at TAAN/NTB Office will follow government working hour/days.
- To obtain TIMS Card you need copy of Passport and two copies of Passport-size Photographs.
Importance and Necessity of TIMS?

The following considerations have been taken into account in the process of issuing TIMS:

- All important details of trekkers and trekking routes shall be maintained on a computerized Database Management System that may be useful for safety and security of trekkers. To help carry out search and rescue operations for trekkers in case of natural calamities and other accidents by means of Authentic Information Service. To maintain a record system that includes personal details of trekkers, trekking area, trekking routes, handling agencies, duration, etc. The data generated from the system will be useful to all stakeholders:- tourism organizations, Government agencies, diplomatic missions, tour operators, research institute, etc.
- Unauthorized trekking operations will be controlled, thus, resulting into better management of trekking service and in benefit of all concerned :- trekkers, agencies, field staff, Government, etc. and also occasional untoward incidents will be better prevented.
- To upgrade the service standard and contribute for better management of sustainable mountain tourism development of Nepal.
TIMS Permits Form Download : Click Here? . Any Questions?? click here.

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